Thursday, October 26, 2006

Dr Jekyll & Heidi

You know when you're just old (32 of them) when the GP is immedietly young (sat twisted in the chair on her legs) Ive had several types of finger up my anus, but today its all about the chest. I unnerve the poor girl (I seem to unnerve them all), am I a drug user? It would be better if I was. I (on the second round of inquisition) confirm a past of abuse, the last weekend lasting me years (tbc) But that was some time back I add, we now are friends (I don’t get it either) Im here for my yearly smokers wheeze, and that is utterly-wonderfully-fine-perfect (its obvious on first impressions feared herpes) Up goes the shirt, out comes the pad, off goes her mobile; text arrives U wan robee williams tickets??!!?? OMG

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Never wake up in earlsfield, Never roll over there, Don’t lose a sock (see Peckham for more on this) & make sure the lights remain low. Utter revolution kills all the good broccoli did (there is no such thing as a mistake just a filthy slag)(sorry, but who takes guys home in my state? You should have left me with my pulse) & the bit about suicidal: The way home was dear (my lapels are ruined)

Mr HURT, J 5' 9''

John hurt should be in every film, even if its him just opening a door, and all you see is a blackened nail (even if he is the door - even if hes dustin hoffman) John hurt should be in every film. (roger daltry should be in no films) when I get home, and lay back with my plate of ‘shit in a tray’ I can rest assured jon hurt (and not roger daltry) will make a show. And the phone rings and I say ‘ is that john hurt?’ . Next week, john voight, and why he should be in every film too.


things not to do in a bed-sitter, 1. elope, theres no bus. 2. piss-off your cider connection (is it that warm? ever, plus gout means hospital, which means housing association). 3. stare too long in one direction (devise some buzzer/bell contraption; cover cracks with Dunkirk on continual replay) zen blindness will play havoc with your jockey side. 4. invite any one over with an arse, where will they put this arse? think of that arse, never let that arse go. 5. & (this) by order of the management, its there in coal, hiding the rash (previous tenant forgot his emphatigo), no crooning (or pets), no crooning pets. (note. leave belts and laces at the door)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

catalan then home

there is a lot of blood in a lot of socks. there is bingo in 7 languages. there is a plate of stir-fry beneath the union jack. this is the german down-syndrome society on tour. rutting like gibbons. dribbling over big watches. fist-fighting for a dead gull. the maid sighs Christ at the twenty-fold of tested rubber linen. the waiters arm has been tugged (out of its socket) for the very last time.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

this quarters budget sheet

these adaptations men make to peddling cycles via junk. is envy not cheaper? was it a pork-pie next to an alarm clock and go ah! i'll be different. i'll commandeer. (in neighboring France something went on with butter) So half-cut basketballs assigned for the defense of these fists. all ingredients to make tea in his brief case (you know that) notable slipstream economics fell of chart cos' its fuckin square, his evil brother uses Tupperware (you got the shape) lunchboxes. again fists. Riding through bendy futures on the bottom of a budgie cage. (powered on the malice)


if I don’t talk to him he'll become chalk. he’s up in the front row. northerened fresh-bait poster boy with a suspect dinkle. comes to court he (& the how’s the nursery rhyme go?) went to ibiza and fucked another. he's been giving her cold ham since his return. she's under the impression its a male colic. him & her wont record this last album together. (& the needle they’re about to shove up his tip makes doorbells in them eyes) My advice: be Sid James. (insert that laugh of flags here)